Whether to hire a Real estate agent or not ?

Once you have decided to put your property on the block for sale, another big decision that you will have to take is whether you should hire a real estate agent or should you go all out on your own?

There are valid reasons for taking the either of the routes depending upon the time and money you would want to invest into the sale of your property. If you have the time and are willing to take up the challenge of arranging for the advertising, attending phone calls, showing your house to the prospective buyers and paper work this could be real good learning experience for you.
On the other hand if you don’t want to deal with all these you can hire an agent who would indulge in all the required activities and sell the property for you.

The benefits of hiring a realty agent are generally worth the cost. He can do all the leg work, conduct Multi Search Listings and keep everything updated. A professional realty agent will also be in a position to give you tips on how to improve the value of your house or condo by simple touches like giving a fresh paint to some of your rooms, clearing off the clutter and organizing the loan in order to create a very good first impression.

It takes a lot of pressure and stress off both the buyer and seller to have a helping and guiding hand who is knowledgeable and technically sound with the finer nuances of the business.