Where to invest in the United States and why ?

Look out for opportunities to invest in institutions that are in the business of super technology rather than investing in the contemporary business sectors.

The global economies have opened up and the geographical maps have been rendered redundant by the organizations who aspire to make their mark on the lives of individuals cut across various civilizations and cultures.

In their zest to expand to outer boundaries, productivity is being jacked up. As a result of which a lot of activities are getting transferred to the nations with low cost labor and technology. This phenomenon is often referred to as the Business Process Outsourcing – BPO by the world leaders now.

As more and more routine activities move out of the US, the civilizations would indulge themselves in creating technologies that do not exist today. It’s not a question of survival that would force entrepreneurs and the workforce of the US to shift to new technologies but the urge to repeat the history – to set out to do things that no one in the world has achieved, to create the next wave of technology superiority. Having shifted the daily routine activities the great minds that have created the present today, would automatically shift towards doing more premium and niche activities like the one mentioned before – technological advancement.

This paradigm shift in the skill set of the US workforce will have far reaching effects on the economy and the future of the superpower. By the end of the next decade do not be surprised to see the NASDAQ and DOWJONES doted with companies with super specialization in technology that is unheard of in present times. The time has come for the United States to move on to the next level of development.

Raise a toast to the power and creativity of business enterprises and be on the look out for such pockets of excellence in the making. Invest with a foresight. You won’t be let down.