The role of finance in nation building

They say ‘take everything from us except for our men and we shall build the country back.’ This confidence is instilled in the leaders of great nations not because of the armory and weapons they have or because of the head count of the citizens of the country. This sheer confidence is the result of the skill set that the country has nurtured within itself for over centuries.

Of the many skills that a country requires to become great, having a strong financial acumen is one of them. The USD being the global currency is not a coincidence or a mere jackpot in the woods. A strong financial foresight and razor sharp financial acumen have made this possible. The USD has remained for years the preferred international currency of traders across the nation. The contribution of academic institutes in producing tens and thousands of financially sound workforces can also be not ignored in the run up. Having said that this does not mean that those who have not attended the business schools do not possess financial acumen. But the systematic way in which such institutions have helped in grooming the financial strength of the nation is worth its mention.

Financial management institutions have groomed all over the globe with much guidance and inspiration from such islands of excellence in United States and Europe. The emergency of Euro is another great hallmark in the financial history of mankind. Never before have so many nations decided to have a common currency between them.

In times to come the complexity of finance will further increase and we would be in requirement of more number of financial graduates to suffice the needs of growing economies. More and more disciplines of finance need to be conquered and financial innovations shall be the order of the day. The finance degrees have moved from the classroom sessions to the online MBA in finance and so has the intricacies of financial acumen. Gaining insight into the financial domain is no more the privilege of the few. Get yourself educated financially and become powerful.