Money, elections and corruption !!

All election campaigns of the world have one thing in common. Funds. The larger is the size of the corpus available for spending, the larger is the indulgence and extravaganza.

A lot of money changes hands during the election campaigns. In some of the countries such amount of funds that are spent are accounted for whereas in some its not. But where does all the money flow from? I am sure they don’t use the minting machine.

Almost 90% of the wealth during the election campaign is from the ‘philanthropic’ donations of individuals and corporations. So when the Democrats and the Republicans in US, the Labor and the Conservatives in the UK, the Congress and the BJP in India and all other major political outfits in their own monastery are in requirement of funds, their respective secretaries dial ‘S’ (supporters).

But none of these funds donated to the political outfits is philanthropic and generous. Every penny spent in the world in the form of political donations is the investment of those supporters in their political connections. Investment which they believe would fetch very high returns. And once in power, they want to milk the cow for the grass that they had fed.

The political ideologies who win the elections and go on to form the government are always under the pressure to oblige the financial supporters of theirs. So there are some favors that are doled out. Some supporters manage to get the official policies tweaked in their favor, while some simple want the pie of the action – contracts at terms and conditions which otherwise would not have been possible. Those who have more than enough money want to bask in the glory of the electorate – hence they want to occupy seats of power.

When efficiency takes a back seat and favorism is in control of the process, corruption takes birth. Many things will happen in the due course of the time that should not have happened. The national interest of the exchequer would be compromised in many more instances that none of us would ever come to know of. Most of the knowledge of such instances would forever be confined to the walls of the Presidential and the Prime Ministerial houses.

The process of electing a party or an ideology to the seat of power is rigged with the tag of money and corruption.

To all my fellow electorates of this planet, think and devise a way out of this monster that we have created.