Have you insured the existence of chaos against the occurrence of routine?

Anything that disrupts the routine is considered as a hazardous risk and is attempted to be insured. But ever wondered that in a world which is increasingly becoming more chaotic, we could some day try to attempt to insure the routine from interfering with the daily chaos that we have become so used to

Funny as it may sound, it actually is not. Disruption of life in the hands of death is a risk that we insure with the help of life insurance. But as medical science takes its leap into futuristic medical solutions the life expectancy of the Homo Sapiens would increase. Suddenly, life that seemed to be the routine would itself become the disruption – the disruption to a peaceful routine death. An increased life expectancy might also mean an extended routine working life. An extended routine life would then be the disruption to the early retirement.

Are you ready to be deprived of the chaos that you have become used to? Have you insured the chaos against the routine !! ??