Consolidate your debt smartly and wisely

There area a hosts of reasons when a person has to turn towards debt. A repetitive reliance on debt then creates a situation where the borrower defaults towards his repayments schedules. With the high costs of education, health, clothing, insurance the situation worsens. As a result of all these events, if you find yourself struggling with debt problems, you should consider a debt consolidation and seek counseling for it.

Debt consolidation comes can be availed by two ways. The first one is unsecured consolidation. This is worth if your total debt as on day is around 20% or less of your annual incomes. For any percentile above 20%, secured debt consolidation should be the preferred finance tool.

Before committing yourself into any such finance consolidation, it would be prudent for you to conduct a comparison shopping of the rates and the terms and conditions of the offer. Talk to your counselor as well as your bank before signing on the dot line. Read the fine print carefully to avoid another financial imbroglio.

While you are working on your debt consolidation services, have a hard look at your spending habits. Restructure your habits to suit the new order of time. Shred some of the habits that in your opinion do not add any value addition to you and your lifestyle. Prune down your monthly budget by at least 10% immediately and around 20% – 30% in the next 3 months.

With all this prudence, you would soon find your financial stability improving and confidence springing back into you. Money is not everything until it’s gone. Spend smart, plan smart, be Cuckee smart.