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What are fast cycle investments?

Fast cycle investment is the fast turnaround, quick buck method of investing. A fast cycle investment profits from speediness of proceeds which adds high-momentum to the investment maturity.

An investor puts in money on something that can fetch a quick profit, perhaps in a weekly investment or so. These are times of economic slowdown. Recession is rearing its ugly head.

For these times, a fast cycle investment in gold and silver becomes even more profitable. A currency slump largely means increase in price of non-liquid assets. Gold and silver climb the commodity graph. At any rate, they do not fall. So you will either make profit or you will remain neutral.

It’s an easy mode of operation. Buy gold and silver and look to sell them when the prices are at a premium. Knowledge about potential buyable point is important. Also important is trading through both the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Swing trading stocks

Swing trading is a style of trading in stock or currency that endeavors to capture gain over one to four days of movement. Swing trading stocks are those which are blessed with momentum to move very fast. A stock which plays near the same mark for a month or so cannot be referred to as a swing trading stock.

Institutional and leverage players deal in volumes. This disables them to move out of a stock very quickly. This is why swing trading stock is not for them. As a swing trader, you can look for the tools of technical analysis to find when a swing trading stock might reverse. Swing traders can then play for those reversals.

Fibonacci retrenchment graph is one such technical tool. It suggests that a swing trading stock might reverse above the ARI at 31.2 percent, 50 percent and 61.8 of its mark. Swing traders do not rely upon fundamental analysis but on the price trends and movement pattern of the stock.

Debt and Credit Counseling Services Manage Your Finances Better

Only few people know how to manage their finances. Many people find difficulty and often themselves in debts. Reversing such situation is difficult. Debt and credit counseling services helps you to manage debts.

Advantages of debt and counseling services:

These counseling services gives you tips on how to get out of debts, how to increase your finances. They review your situation, finances, kind of debt you have, your income. They will suggest you plan depending on your situation. Sometimes they even contact your creditors to negotiate and more manageable arrangement.

They even set up trust account when the negotiations are met, in which you deposit promised amount each month. One of the benefits is that every dollar you spend goes directly to your debt. There is no need to worry. There are no fees involved. Normally people who work in such services do it voluntarily. They receive no monetary benefits for the work they do for you. These companies are funded by sponsors and donated funds.

Tax Free Savings Account

People generally plan to save money to spend during their retirement. For this purpose tax free savings account is beneficial. These accounts provide tax benefits for saving. Contributions for this account are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Benefits of the tax free savings account:

It is an investment option for the people who want to save good income at the time of retirement. They can withdraw amount at any time free of taxes. The allocations into the account are non deductible. These accounts are designed with carry over aspect. They act as income splitting also.

Income and capital gains generated inside or within this account does not create tax burden. You can reduce taxable retirement income which is benefit during retirement.

Old Age Supplement (OAS) and Guaranteed Supplement (GIS) are two age and income tested benefits that can be significantly increased by using a tax free savings account, reducing income tax.

Getting Auto Loans with Bad Credit

Auto loan

Now-a-days, having bad credit is more common. People tend to pay bills lately, or having credit card dues. But because of these bad credits, people find difficulty in getting auto loans. Some money lenders on the internet offer you loans. What to do to get finance for buying vehicle?

Credit Report:

Get a credit report without any errors in the information. You can get from credit report agencies. By this you can know your credit score.

Do not go through a dealer:

It cost you more, as the dealer offers you loan at high rate than the original to get his commission. Have the knowledge on what type of loan you are qualified for. Go to banks and credit unions to get information.

Manage your credit situation:

Self analysis is necessary to know how much you can afford for an auto loan. Do not come under pressure of anyone and pay higher rates. It may worse your situation. In case of bad credit, it is better to go for partial financing.

These loans are also used for repairing your vehicle. Follow the tips and avail finance for your vehicle.